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We are absolutely dedicated to considering the environment in everything we do.

  • We utilise recycled materials, and can supply upon request from clients, envelopes sourced from recycled stock.
  • We can provide biodegradable poly wrap and source vegetable based inks if required
  • We also focus on recycling materials, with paper waste, toner cartridges and wooden pallets just some of the items that we recycle.
  • We care about CO2 emissions and have encouraged staff to car share and use public transport, while a closed-door policy at the warehouse minimises heat usage.
  •  To save on electricity, our machines are only engaged when necessary, as are lights throughout the building.
  • We look to ask drivers to turn off engines when in our delivery yard.
  • We always encourage customers to minimise wastage by performing data cleansing and de-duplication on their data.
  • Where possible we advise clients that leaflets and brochures should be bulk packed
  • We suggest to clients to minimise the use of packaging; instead of using filler in an oversized box please use a smaller box. If they can, clients need to do away with their boxing, instead use shrink wrap for pallets. This can then be recycled, and is lighter.
  • We work with clients with mailing returns, advising them off undelivered records, so their records can be amended.