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What is a Mailing House? Well firstly, we are not a house, in fact we really dislike the phrase, as it is very misleading, but it has stuck as a colloquial term, so I guess we have to use it!

What we do as a Mailing House is; process data, print names and addresses, and fulfilment of mail-packs. For example, polythene enclosed magazines, postcards, statements and invoices, coupons and vouchers, whats-on guides and any other form of direct mail.


Mail Fulfilment House

Why it is thought that all of this work takes place in a “house” is beyond us. What we do know is that the cost savings and additional services we offer mean that you, the customer, can save a significant amount of money and time. The letter being just a single example of the huge variety of Mailing Campaigns we send out. From Flyers to postcards, catalogues to brochures, books to guides, and invitations to statements, we can Mail almost anything for you to anywhere in the world.