Use the 10 point guide to challenge your supplier and to make sure you get the very best from your mailing….

1. When did you last review the service you recieve?
2. How pro-active is your mailing house? Do they call you? Do they chase your next mailing and build a future schedule for the year?
3. Are they suggestive, will they offer possible solutions and alternatives to get the most out of your mailing at the best possible price?
4. Do they carry the following quality certifications? ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and Royal Mail Mailing House Scheme membership a combination that only 1 in 7 mailing houses have attained.
5. Are they Customer driven or Production driven?
6. Are they Flexible and able to adapt to a change of brief or delivery dates?
7. Do they provide you with a free data ‘health check’ when requested?
8. Do they provide a dedicated Account Manager; acting as one point of contact?
9. Are they financially stable, can they provide a recent credit report?
10. Do you get a personal service?
If the answer is ‘No’ to any of the questions above, then it is time that you reviewed your current supplier and talk to us…
Cost; while a very important element in any comparison, should not be your only criteria, it is very easy to look at just the price, forgetting that without quality, service and stability a supplier can very easily fail to deliver and exceed your expectations.

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