17 Reasons why direct mail with catalogues works

  1. A computer is not always available – A print catalogue is the most direct source for product information
  2. Catalogues are engaging – There are no pop-ups to distract you from the products
  3. Multiple Channels tell the story – You can include flyers and coupons within a catalogue to engage the customer
  4. Catalogues are easily shared – They can easily be handed to a friend, colleague or family member
  5. Essential for high end sales – Physical products provide a tangible step towards a high quality product
  6. Customers invest more – If they asked for it, they will invest more time in it
  7. Print can direct traffic to your site – Customers will look you up online whilst reading your catalogue
  8. Stay in sight – A catalogue will always remain in the house, an email will often be deleted
  9. Catalogues will be compared – Customers will compare company’s prints. If yours is best, sales will increase.
  10. Increase social media presence – Printed QR codes can link back to your Facebook/twitter page
  11. Help promote low volume products – Catalogues are a reminder of what you sell, and where you sell it.
  12. Brand Promotion – A catalogue with your logo printed all over it, will provide the customer with a constant reminder of who you are.
  13. Increase in credibility – Catalogue mailing is a sophisticated and professional communication method.
  14. Gain Market Share – Prints increase your visibility and provide prospects.
  15. Build up a relationship – Catalogues leave a lasting impression that creates a bond between the customer and your business.
  16. More Compelling than email – Opening rates of email are dropping – your catalogue is more likely to get noticed as it appears through the door
  17. Different point of view – Promote products that your customers may not be searching for

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