2013 Trends – Targeted Direct Marketing To Come Into It’s Own

2013 is unlikely to see any new developments in Direct Marketing; in fact, it’s more likely to be characterised by the maturing of existing technologies and a return to more traditional practices. There is no doubt that Direct Marketing has moved ahead by leaps and bounds over the past five years, driven largely by new capabilities in identifying and targeting a specific segment of the market. This segmentation holds great power for marketers, the reasons for this include, the increased effectiveness of targeted direct marketing, and the fact that it can be achieved at a low cost.

Hyper Local and Hyper-Targeted

Hyper Local and Hyper-Targeted Direct Mailings are powerful tools for retail, theatres and small to medium business as it means they can target their marketing campaign at specific local consumers. They are likely to take up the offer, based on their living distance from the mailing source. The deployment of “specials” such as upcoming show performances, new product launches, and local offers – is an effective marketing tool. Previously this would not have been nearly as effective without targeted Direct Marketing.

Our opinion is that more companies /organisation will move away from mass-communicated messaging, particularly as budgets are being squeezed.
While SMS messaging is a platform that offers a rapid response to time-sensitive deals and announcements. Local targeted Direct Mail campaigns work exceptionally well in generating the best response.

Re-emergence of traditional tools

The main reason for this is that the cost of producing smaller quantity personalised Direct Mail has fallen dramatically with the introduction of digital printing. Combine this with the insights of consumer behaviour and demographics that are now available, and Direct Mail suddenly becomes a real contender.

What used to happen in this category of messaging was that mass-market thinking was applied using direct marketing principles. Now, instead of sending out 100,000 messages and getting a 1% response, companies/organisation can send targeted messages to 10,000 people and get as much as a 30% response.

The re-emergence of the power of a Direct Mail Piece is because the message is not limited by space constraints, which can be used to evoke a more positive response from potential customers.


Direct marketing has certainly moved from an era of communicating with everyone to knowing who you are speaking to, and why, 2013 will continue to see this develop and grow.

The evolution of Direct Mail Marketing has contributed enormously to the success of mailing campaigns. We are sure that targeted Direct Mail will remain a favourite of the industry in 2013.

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