5 Direct mail trends that are happening right now..

 First of all, direct mail is not going anywhereTo illustrate, take a look at these direct mail trends:

  1. Personalised mail. Consumers expect you to know them and understand them when sending mail. In light of this, offers should be based on who they are and their current relationship with your company. Take the time to get to know your customers before you send any direct mail pieces. Personalisation is in, Generic is out!
  2. Create a customer experience through data. The more customer information you know, the better you’ll be able to target and personalise too. In addition to this, you can set up customer profiles and keep up with their growing relationship with you. Think about what kind of information are you keeping.
  3. Multichannel integration – direct mail is most effective when part of a greater campaign. As a matter of fact, this could involve multiple direct mail pieces, mailing list’s, online targeting through ad’s and maybe an E-mail or SMS campaign etc. Having said this, there are many ways to reach a customer and the more they see your message, they more likely they will be to respond. Think about the bigger picture or the reach of your campaign.
  4. Is it engaging? If not, think of new ways you can engage them through your mail piece. In this case, what kind of impression are you leaving with your customers when it comes to your direct mail? Don’t forget attention spans are also short and consumers are receiving a lot of messages per day with the advent of internet marketing, TV ad’s etc. With this intention,  Use an engaging piece of content to ensure yours stands out.
  5. Finally, interaction to your end goal. How many different ways can a customer complete that call to action too? With this in mind, offering multiple ways for a customer to get in touch with you is a great way to ensure a response. More importantly, give your customer the option they feel most comfortable interacting with.

To conclude, it’s time to get started by using the above if you have not already.

These are to be used as tips for you to grab your customers attention while promoting your product or service.

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