A Complete Guide To: QR Codes + Direct Mail

What are they?

You may have seen QR codes beginning to appear on Direct Mail Pieces, but had no idea what they are. A QR Code (Quick Response Code) contains a URL (Specific Web address), which is something mobile devices can read. A free application can be installed onto your phone, enabling you to scan the code. Once scanned you are immediately taken to the URL assigned to that QR Code.

The two-dimensional bar codes have been making their presence felt in our weekly shop, on magazines, billboards, catalogues and in pretty much any form of Advertising. In fact a recent survey was carried out in which more than 5,000 consumers were questioned based on their use of QR Codes. The results of this showed that 15% of all consumers reported to have responded a QR Code. That figure rises to 27% among 18-34 year olds – A figure to note if you are considering mailing to a younger demographic.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, typical QR Code response rates are 4.4% for direct mail, 4.3% for catalogues and 3.9% for letter mailings. However Nellymoser’s study, conducted using their App, found that average response rates, from mobile action codes, were higher with responses ranging from 4.5% to 5.9%.

So how can they improve your Direct Mail campaign?

  • It’s easy to direct a visitor to a special offer/promotion placed on your website. Just point the mobile device camera at the code, and the device does the rest. It has never been easier to target traffic.
  • Including a QR code on Direct Mail is a call to action (see our infographic). A quick click and the person is there. Remember to tell people how to scan the code.
  • It uses existing technology. The code itself is similar to a barcode, so there is no learning curve. A lot of people have smart phones, so everything is already in place.
  • It’s possible to have unique URLs for truly individual response tracking. Ideal for reporting, and monitoring a Direct Mail campaign.
  • Adding a QR code to your Mailing shows you’re at the forefront of technology.

Remember to include a QR code on any free gift or promotional offer that you include in your direct mail pack. Your prospects can keep this and always have a quick reference to your updated site. In fact, QR codes offer one of the best ways to instantly satisfy consumer wants and improve marketing campaign results at the same time.

To see how it works, scan the QR Code below:

If you are unable to scan the code, simply click on it.


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