Account Managers in Direct Mail

What is an Account Manager?

Most people will have heard of the phrase account manager in business, yet many will still be unsure as to what the job actually involves.

Generally, an account manager is responsible for managing relationships with the clients of an account on a day-to-day basis.

Most account managers operate in business-to-business (B2B) environments and can be assigned single or multiple accounts to look after.

The account manager will serve as the primary point of contact between the customer and the company. By dealing with individual orders, issues and requests they help to ensure that clients get the best out of a company’s products and services. They also act as a source of information and industry expertise, providing insights and recommending solutions as necessary.

In addition to managing customer orders, issues and requests, some account managers are also responsible for making sales to customers by cross-selling and upselling products and services that fit the needs of their clientele. Some account managers are also responsible for generating new business by following up leads and converting prospects into paying customers.

In direct mail, an account manager will assist with the entire mailing process, from idea generation and pricing through to execution, delivery and aftercare.

Having a dedicated account manager available can prove invaluable for clients, especially those who are especially busy or lack the necessary know-how to orchestrate an entire direct mail campaign themselves.

What are the Benefits of Working with an Account Manager?

Improved Communication

Regular Communication – Available by phone, email and in person, account managers are the primary point of contact between clients and businesses. They are easy to get hold of and are able to provide regular progress updates and information relevant to individual accounts.

Faster Responses – As the primary point of contact account managers are easily accessible and are able to provide fast, informed responses to queries.

Clarity – Clear and concise communications are essential for a successful service. Taking the time to ensure clients fully understand processes will help generate trust and makes for more efficient processes for both parties.

Industry Experience and Knowledge

A good account manager will:

Understand individual business goals – and work to provide a more effective service tailored to each individual client.

Generate ideas – Many account managers will be able to use their industry experience to assist with idea generation for campaigns. They may also be able to offer useful suggestions and alternate options that may not have been considered previously.

Get the best rates – Inside knowledge of industry processes helps when getting the best possible deal for clients. Detailed information on print, packaging and postage options can help save money in the long run.

Service Management

Live updates – With direct access to production centres account managers are able to access progress information more easily and provide live updates to keep clients informed around the clock.

Issue escalation and resolution – Account managers are a point of contact that can be used to quickly and efficiently communicate client issues and escalate them to the relevant people if required.

Customer Service – Investing in excellent customer services and looking out for the key needs of a client is crucial to long-term success. Account managers are present for the entire process and are very often responsible for providing aftercare following the purchase of a product or service.

Account Management the CMS way

Unlike many other organisations, CMS account managers are not sales driven.

With no obligation to bring in new business CMS account managers are able to focus entirely on improving client experience.

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