Do You Need Consent to Send Ad Mail?

There is one question that we’ve seen repeating itself in GDPR discussions lately:

“Do I need consent from a customer to send them direct mail, or are legitimate interests enough?”

The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing has outlined a clear and concise answer to this:

Because direct mail is not electronic, it does not require consent to send marketing communications. As such, legitimate interest should be sufficient. BUT… it is important to remember the ad mail must have a clear unsubscribe or opt-out option.

On top of this, to adhere to GDPR legislation you must also ensure data is up-to-date as possible, and check that the recipient is not registered on the Mailing Preference Service (unless they are an existing customer). You will also have to screen against your in-house suppression file.

Finally, before sending out ad mail, it is important to check the interests of your business does not have an impact on recipients right to privacy.

With the GDPR now in full effect, the methods in which we contact customers and prospects will certainly see some change. But marketers can be confident that in most cases, direct mail will still be a highly effective (and compliant!) channel to use.
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