Are You Part of the 73%?

Direct Mail is still the top medium in the eyes of 73% of consumers who still prefer to receive Direct Mail for Marketing Communications. This may seem surprising consider the amount of press that social media and email marketing get. Regardless, Direct Mail is still a favourite in the eyes of consumers.

Despite the exposure of Digital Channels, Direct Mail is expected to grow 1.4% annually in the next five years to £9.4 Billion.

Personalisation Makes Direct Mail Even Better

Companies that gather data on their customers segment the information into relevant marketing communications. They then deliver them via variable data printing; often resulting in a high value Return on Investment.

If you are a marketeer who invests in Direct Mail as a channel, do you consistently ensure what you send out is variably printed and designed? Consumers expect communications to be relevant across all channels, especially Direct Mail.

One Credit Card Company created a list based on different customer attributes; they then tag each piece with a personalised invitation number. “Direct Mail is a great way for us to target consumers,” says Laks Vasudevan, Discover director of acquisition. “It’s our most targeted platform.”

Pull the Trigger

A Designer Shoe Warehouse sent out personalised birthday postcards with containing a special offer, to over 20 million rewards members. Who wouldn’t want £10 off a new pair of shoes as a gift to self?

And there’s something special about getting a real card with physical value versus a mass email with fashion tips, according to Kelly Cook, DSW’s Senior Vice President of Marketing.

When the company tested sending birthday offers via email, it didn’t perform nearly as well as Direct Mail.

Give Your Customer What They Want When They Want It
Long gone are the days of sending one universal offer to everybody. For example, one consumer recently received a special offer for a university loan for his children from his bank. However, this particular customer didn’t have children. Surprising to hear, when you consider that the marketing team at the bank are more than likely have access to some very sophisticated database tools that allow them monitor all account activity and have done a lot of data mining; yet they failed to connect with him as a valued customer.

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