Our top five mail pieces – April

1) This non-windowed C5 envelope mailshot contains two enclosed items. The first is a pretty standard machine folded, laser printed mono A4 letter for the customer. It’s the second piece that draws attention. What looks at first like a simple A5 card opens to reveal fold-out paper that is all at once a feat of origami, a tribute to Harry Beck’s famous London Underground map design and a brilliant marketing idea, showcasing the multitude of different services the business provides in an innovative way.

The reverse of the envelope has a section for the recipient to fill out if they have received the mailing in error, with a return address. There’s also an option to be added to the mailing list if they happen to be interested by the contents of the mailing!

2) This fine art client reflects its high-quality brand image with a glossy concertina folded card posted in a bespoke oversized envelope, hand enclosed to ensure that it fits tightly and reaches the customer in perfect condition. The address is inkjetted in high quality, so there are no labels or stamps in sight!

Once the card is opened, the customer is cordially invited to a private exhibition of art. That invitation is flanked by six beautiful full-colour selected paintings on each fold of card, with the eighth and final side providing a written introduction to the artist.

This mail piece is a perfect example of how a carefully designed and lovingly crafted mailshot can reap rewards when you know you’ve got an appreciative audience.

3) An A4 sized catalogue for a signage company wrapped in polythene. Clear poly ensures that the company’s vivid graphic design greets the customer from the moment they look at the catalogue.
On the reverse is the full-colour digitally printed carrier sheet we provided for them, two-thirds of which is covered by a high-resolution image of their specification, ensuring that the carrier sheet is every bit as eye-catching as the front of the catalogue itself. A QR Code gives smartphone users immediate access to the company website and a personalised printed postage impression provides a professional finishing touch.

4) This colourful C5 sized postcard uses bright colours and a multitude of images on both sides. The customer address and postage labels are kept to a 3cm tall band at the bottom of the reverse, therefore remaining unobtrusive and letting the theatre’s show take all the limelight. It’s a cost-effective direct mail mailshot that gives the client great response to their campaign while still letting them benefit from sizable postage savings.

5) Overprinted on the front of this gummed wallet mailing is the theatre’s brand identity, which is splashed across the C5 envelope in a vivid blue and contains calls to action and links to the company’s website and social media profiles. The inserts for the mailing are just as interesting, with a full-colour flyer and a personalised letter which has an image of the theatre set behind the text.

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