Top five mail pieces – June | Monthly Mailings

1) We recently made a blog post talking up how colours are used in marketing materials and what different colours mean – and this mailing from a luxury goods collection is a perfect demonstration. Mailed in a gold envelope, it contains a two-ply insert that is matte black, denoting sophistication and elegance. The writing printed on to the insert is in two different shades of gold, completing the glamorous look. Once the insert is opened out, it contains glossy images of the brand’s products in a film reel design along the top, all carefully photographed to display the right colours and reinforce the brand identity – gold watches and champagne bottles, diamond rings and bespoke tailored suits.

2) This C5 mail piece for a university reinforces brand identity on both sides of its polywrapping. The full-colour card insert on one side bears the university’s name and logo, as well as social media badges, contact details and industry certifcations. The carrier sheet made by us to request features a personalised printed postage impression bearing the company’s logo in the top right-hand corner, and a QR Code (this one extra special as it has the company’s name included in the centre) in the bottom left, so the recipient doesn’t even have to open the polythene to interact with the company. Finally, to show how environmentally friendly they are, a footnote states the fact that the poly is oxy bio-degradable.

3) One of the main parts of successful marketing is timing – and this postcard mailing is a perfect example. Capitalising on the football fever that sweeps the nation every second year, this electronics store sent out its mailing with us to hit doorsteps on the weekend of June 8thth, just as Euro 2012 was kicking off. The reason it was so well timed? Naturally, it was football-themed, and so the 50” television being advertised contained an image of a footballer about to strike the ball.

4) A letter sent out to publicise a sponsored run, which was dispatched in a C5 envelope with a swath of blue across the front, serving to brighten it up and make it stand out from other envelopes. Of real interest are the three folded A4 inserts contained in the mailing. Alongside the personalised letter is a full-colour map on to which the route of the walk has been marked out, and there’s also a pre-printed sponsor form that’s just waiting to have names added to it.

5) This custom-sized catalogue is every bit as thick and sturdy as the furniture it advertises! Printed on to high-quality paper and with the covers UV coated for a standout appearance, this mailing practically shouts quality from the moment it’s lifted out of its windowed envelope. A full-colour letter with a personalised salutation bears the address and adds a heartfelt message from the business to the customer.

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