Brummies Are A Write Bunch Of Romantics

Most loved up Brummies will write personal, heartfelt messages this Valentine’s Day.

But they are falling out of love with the old Valentine’s cliché poem ‘Roses are red’.

A recent survey by the Royal Mail survey found the card remains king this Valentine’s Day, with the majority of people in the city wanting to receive a handwritten message over flowers or a gift.

Further Valentines Day Statistics found that 73% of people in the city are planning to drop the poem ‘Roses are red…’ from their Valentine’s Day cards this year, instead favouring a personal touch, with a heartfelt message (47%) or a funny ditty (12%).

Meanwhile, a handwritten card appears to be the key to winning your partner’s heart, with over a third of residents (38%) saying it’s the most important thing to receive on Valentine’s Day, compared to just 20% for flowers and five per cent for a gift.
Loved up brummies
Royal Mail has teamed up with Relationship Expert, Sarah Abell, to give Brummies advice on how to say what you really feel.

Sarah said: “It’s great to hear that Birmingham residents want to give a personal touch this Valentine’s Day but I expect there will be some people who’ll be worried about finding the right thing to say. Expressing words of love doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

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