What is bulk mail.

One of the many services we offer here at Central Mailing Services is Bulk Mail. It allows us to send out large quantities of mail at a highly reduced rate, making it a valuable service for businesses across the country.

What is bulk mailing?

As described above, bulk mail means to send mail out but in bulk quantities. In the same way purchasing a large amount of stock often attracts a discount, so does bulk mail. There are also minimum thresholds laid out by the Royal Mail for what can be considered bulk mail volumes:

  • Letters (240mm length, 165mm width, 5mm depth) – over 20,000 letters
  • Larger letters (353mm length, 250mm width, 25mm depth) – over 10,000 larger letters

Bulk postage will be a useful tool for any business looking to expand and reach new customers while keeping costs as low as possible. Charities also frequently use bulk mail companies in fundraising campaigns. It is a brilliant way to hit many people and we understand money is sensitive for the sector.

What are some typical uses for bulk mail?

Direct mail is the most common use for bulk mail as it involves businesses trying to reach a large number of customers. Below are just some of the most common items that a business will send in bulk.

This may include: catalogues, magazines, brochures, letters and postcards.

Charities often use bulk mail as it allows them to reach a number of addresses and for a good price.

With this said why not cut down on prices and get your bulk mailing started today?

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