Business Are Finding Value In Standing Out Through Direct Mail

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – The three websites are embedded into the mind of everyone aged 13 and over. They boast an impressive combined total of 2 billion users, with the figure increasing exponentially day-by-day.

Some people just think that there’s nothing else to do online other than to check what your friends, or even random strangers, are getting up to. There are also a large proportion of users that don’t think social media has much to offer. Whilst it’s perfect for obtaining the latest information in regards to what’s happening around the world, it’s yet to become an established platform for B2B business.

There are very few examples out there in which one company has been persuaded to work with another through the use of social media. Admittedly, the platform works well for B2C’s as they can individually target potential customers through the use of social media management sites. However, convincing a business to work with/alongside you, requires more than just a friendly online message – This is where Direct Mail comes is in.

Last year, almost two-thirds of Direct Mail recipients bought something as a result of what they’d received in the post. In fact, Maelis C. Mittig, director of client relations and marketing at an American based RIA recently said that “Because digital marketing has become the main method of communication, we find value in standing out through Direct Mail.”

“We send out letters, brochures, postcards and other marketing materials through the mail and have gotten wonderful feedback”

“Within this business, it’s important to build rapport with our clients, and a great mailing can be much more effective than an email or a message via social media.”

Bob Jackson, principal of Jackson Financial Advisors in Scottsdale, Ariz., whose clientele is primarily business owners, professionals, pre-retirees and retirees, also uses Direct Mail to target potential customers.

“We find Direct Mail a good way to get people’s attention, especially when we personalise the envelope,” says Jackson. “A personalised envelope is often opened and read.”

Jackson says both he and his clients receive many invitations for various functions from advisors and others that are part of a large mailing campaign. He says he always opens invitations that are personalised.

Focus Partners, a practice management and marketing firm says more businesses are turning to Direct Mail as a way to communicate with clients and prospects.

“People have become so inundated with junk mail and spam that they’ve moved back towards getting a good old-fashioned letter in the post,” said Michael Silver, senior managing director at Focus Partners.

The main advantage of sending  Direct Mail, whether it is to clients or prospects, is that it stays on the mind of the recipient. Messages sent via email or social media are often forgotten and therefore do not produce anywhere near the number of responses that Direct Mail does.
Just think about it, can you even remember the last facebook status your best friend wrote, or even the last one you wrote yourself?

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