Camera Matching & Mail Integrity Platform

Here at Central Mailing Services we have recently invested in a large amount of new equipment with one thing in mind, ‘Quality’. One of the key investments just made was the installation of our new Camera Matching Equipment and a Mail Integrity Platform, ensuring we can guarantee your mailing will be 100% verified. The automated document matching process allows for up to 3 personalised inserts to be placed within the same envelope, error free. Our new computerised system will make sure inserts are not being miss-fed or missed i.e. not enclosed.

How it Works:

The cameras read either a unique series of numbers or a 2D barcode, which we print discreetly onto the document or envelope; allowing us to significantly enhance production speeds with 100% integrity. The Mail Integrity Platform reads the numerical code / 2D barcode to ensure pinpoint accurate enclosing and mail presentation. If an envelope is determined as ‘bad’, the camera will inform the Mail Integrity Platform which will separate it from the process for it to be corrected. The entire process is more efficient and 100% accurate.
We can even provide you with a mail integrity report downloaded from the platform to prove your mailing has 100% integrity. The equipment has been retro fitted to all of our automated envelope enclosing machines. Tried, Tested, and ready for your next mailing.

Mail Integrity Platform Report – Click Images to Enlarge (Opens new window)

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