Can you Recycle Polythene used in Direct Mail?

Can you Recycle Polythene used in Direct Mail?

Answer: All polythene is recyclable, multiple times over!

The polythene used in mailings is easily recyclable by businesses and consumers alike. In fact, it’s becoming increasingly common for people to recycle plastic in their local area.

Plastic bags can now be recycled at most local recycling centres as well as at the majority of popular supermarkets. (Look out for the specially designated bins!)
This makes recycling polythene simple and easy for everyone.

Bio-Degradable Polythene

Did you know many plastics can now be produced to be bio-degradable?
This is achieved through a process known as oxo-biodegradation. During the plastic manufacturing process, a very small amount of degradent additive is introduced.
Then, at a pre-programmed time (usually 3 years) the plastic fragments and is then consumed by bacteria and fungi. Bio-degradable polythene has a finite shelf life and performance is influenced by a number of factors.

Bio-poly will degrade faster if exposed to:

  • Heat
  • Sunlight (UV-rays)
  • Oxygen
  • Mechanical stress from tearing/stretching

What is left over?
Once the polythene has degraded only non-harmful trace elements of CO2, water and humus are left. The process does not emit any methane or leave fragments of petro-polymers.

Can the bags be recycled?
Oxo-degradable plastics can be recycled together with non-degradable plastics. Stabilisers can be added where necessary by the recycling company or plastic manufacturer. This prevents the new product from degrading!

Eco-Friendly Mail

When dealt with properly, polythene is an eco-friendly and effective tool for direct mail. It is easy for individuals to recycle plastic bags locally and instead of going to landfill, polythene can be recycled over and over again.

At Central Mailing Services we encourage clients to send eco-friendly direct mail. We offer both bio-degradable polythene & non-degradable polythene (Which is still easily recyclable!).

Get in touch today and learn more about sending eco-friendly direct mail! 0800 699 0501

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