Personalising Glossy Stock – The Solution AMS X-jet system

Mailing Houses and printers are finding increasing demands on personalising glossy stock from customers. Printing variable data on to glossy stock is difficult partly due to traditional machines and inks are not suitable for this type of work. Here, one mailing house found the solution with the X-Jet printer from AMS.

The Problem

Mitesh Chouhan, Managing Director of Central Mailing Services explained ‘as a full service mailing house we were looking at ways to fulfil our clients personalisation needs at low cost whilst ensuring their direct mailshots still looked as effective as possible. Obviously, customers need their postal mailshots to look good. However to personalise and overprint on to glossy and polywrapped stock is not so simple to do.

Having purchased other equipment from AMS we contacted them about a solution to this issue. Chris, AMS’s systems specialist recommended the X-jet, an option we had not considered at the time. He then visited us to demonstrated the system.

The Solution

As we offer a print, design to dispatch service we wanted something that could meet our mailing personalisation needs as well as being cost effective robust and versatile. The X-jet system did everything we wanted it to, the ability to print on to glossy and poly wrap stock. We have now purchased a second X-jet system.

The Service 

‘ AMS provide an excellent service; we have been using them for a long time.’
The X-jet was installed without any issues and is very reliable. That is why we have now purchased our second X-jet system, and I would definitely recommend it. AMS provide an excellent service; we have been using them for a long time.’

Get In Touch

To arrange a free on-site demonstration of an AMS X-jet system please contact AMS today.

The AMS X-jet system is a revolution in variable data printing as it can print onto glossy, coated, porous and plastic stocks as well as other substrates.

Further details can be found on the AMS website here.

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