CBLDF, Where’s Your Website?

Like many non-profit organisations, the Comic Book Legal Defence Fund (CBLDF) timed a direct mail drop over Christmas, appealing to people in a giving mood.

The mailing is a creative one, and speaks well to their core demographic. It featured a black-and-white comic called “Defend Comics,” explaining the organisations battles against censorship and detailing why readers should support the group. An “Insert” was also included, this explained the various membership levels and premiums on one site and offered a letter from the executive director on the other, thanking fans for their support.

The “Insert” also served as a business reply card and an envelope was included, but….where’s the URL? Where’s the link if you want to give immediately via PayPal, rather than search for a pen and check book.

It’s a curious omission, given how “computer savvy” their audience is. So why not give the audience a web link so they can share news with friends on their weekly shopping trip?

Remember, your URL should be on all your material — in today’s world, it is an essential call to action (see our info-graphic). It’s the season for giving and shopping, so make it as simple as possible for those with a few extra pounds burning a hole in their stocking.

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