Chocolate Flavoured Stamps!

Have you ever dreamed of tasting Belgium’s world famous Chocolate at Easter? Well, you will be happy to hear that the Belgian Post Office has provided people with the chance to send a letter, postcard, flyer, and any other mail piece using a chocolate-flavoured postage stamp!

During the run-up to Easter, The Belgian post office released 538,000 stamps that have pictures of chocolate on the front, printed with scented ink. However, the clever part of the stamp is found on the back, which is coated in a glue that contains the essence of coco oil. Upon licking the stamp, your taste buds are greeted with that world famous taste, whilst your nose takes in the aroma.

A set of five chocolate stamps will cost 6.2 Euros (£6) and will leave a customer hungry for more.

Belgian stamp collector Marie-Claire Verstichel said, “While the taste was a bit disappointing, they smell good!”

Here at Central Mailing Services, we strongly believe that chocolate is the key to someone’s heart; in fact, research shows that 47% of consumers are more likely to open mail if it is scented. So why not think about experimenting with your Direct Mail campaign, we are to help, contact us for further advice!

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