Christmas Print Marketing Checklist

Christmas Print Marketing Checklist

The Holidays are coming, Tis’ the season…. and so on and so fourth. The time of year when all businesses will be checking their marketing list twice is upon us, and all will be hoping to cash in on the Christmas rush. In order to help those out who are short of a few ideas, we’ve put together the below list for you to mull over. The checklist will provide you with all the possible opportunities, enabling you to decide what the most suitable options are for you:

Christmas Print Marketing Checklist

If you sell a large number of products, one of the best ways to get people looking at them is by creating a festive catalogue and posting it through their door. Catalogues are often kept to one side in a household and are always picked up and looked at more often than any other forms of Direct Mail.


Shop owners should always take full advantage of any foot traffic that passes by their shop. The best way of doing this is by setting up outdoor banners that will tempt customers into your store, or at least persuade them to visit your website.

Posters and flyers

Similar to banners, posters and flyers can be strategically distributed for maximum impact. Flyers can also be handed directly to customers via street teams and retail/service partners.


Postcards sent to highly-targeted direct mailing lists can be used to create maximum impact and include time-limited vouchers and voucher codes to boost Christmas sales.

Greeting cards

The most traditional way of connecting with customers on a more personal level is by sending them a greetings card, which can be used to express your gratitude & establish customer relationships, creating long term customer loyalty.


Christmas is the best time of year to distribute next year’s 2015 calendars to customers. It’s the only item that allows for 365-day marketing.


Christmas holiday brochures are perfect for promoting your holiday specials and season-specific services; for example, a theatre may want to promote a series of festive shows it is putting on during the holiday period.

Stickers and wall decals

Stickers are multi-purpose: you can print bumper stickers for on-the-go marketing. You can print directional stickers for walls and floors to lead customers to your holiday deals. Also, you can print branded stickers to be affixed just about anywhere for Christmas marketing. The list goes on.

Invitation cards

If you are hosting a big Christmas event, use invitation cards to get customers in the door. Including a voucher won’t go down unnoticed either, it may even persuade those sitting on the fence to come along.


Billboards can help you get noticed in a big way, provided you have the budget for seasonal billboard marketing.


If you publish a newsletter, be sure to promote your Christmas deals in it. You can also offer relevant holiday tips and tricks to help establish credibility and authority.


A holiday buying guide booklet that truly seeks to help customers make the best purchasing decisions for their unique situations can establish your credibility and authority.

Promotional materials

Pens, T-shirts, magnets, bags, and other promotional materials can help reinforce your brand during the holiday season and bolster holiday sales.
Keep in mind one of the most critical aspects of successful holiday marketing is planning, planning and more planning. Know who your target customers are and what they’ll respond to so you can deploy the right mix of printed marketing materials.

Plan your Christmas marketing campaign out in its entirety, and set campaign goals. This may include a specific number of sales, a percentage of returns, total profit, etc. When you plan your Christmas marketing campaign out in advance, you’ll be able to take advantage of last-minute opportunities. This is because everything else is taking care of itself.

Finally, try to incorporate tracking mechanisms whenever possible. Also, if you know what works and what doesn’t, you can use that information to marketing more efficiently, powerfully, and profitably each subsequent holiday season. When something works, keep it. When something doesn’t, identify why it didn’t work: would a change in presentation or distribution help? Or are you better off nixing it and trying something new – something you should strive to do every year anyway. The more you test, track, and tweak your holiday marketing campaigns, the more successful in the long run.

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