CMS saves the day

A national northern theatre nearly had its summer programme mailing ruined before it started – until Central Mailing Services saved the day.

The theatre’s urgent seasonal brochures left their printers headed for Central Mailing Services ready for postage and fulfilment – but arrived with much of the stock irreparably damaged thanks to negligence from the driver of the transport company sub-contracted to bring them here.

Where other mailing houses would’ve refused delivery altogether, or at best just mailed the damaged stock, Central Mailing Services went the extra mile. Our staff quickly assembled in a human chain to take the stock from the lorry and sort through the 40,000 brochures to accurately count which could be saved, before we re-boxed and re-packaged them. We retained close contact with the theatre to let them know what was happening, as well as getting in touch with the printers to enable them to make a claim against the distribution company – and to dispatch the 2,000 replacement brochures to us by dedicated courier.

With our staff working throughout the Saturday at no extra cost to the customer, we received the replacement brochures and completed the full mailing. Thanks to our quick action, the theatre’s 40,000 brochures hit doorsteps on schedule ahead of the Easter Holiday weekend – all in perfect condition.
Here at Central Mailing Services we always put the customer first. Get in touch to find out how our dedicated team can go the extra mile for your mailing needs.

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