Cost-effective parcel mailing

Cost effective parcel mailing

With the price of parcel mailing & delivery services costing more, Businesses are looking to find a more cost effective & quality mailing service.

At central mailing services we can offer a cost effective parcel solutions & delivery services for businesses that want to send a parcel mailing campaign.

For example anything that can weigh up to 2kg and measuring up to 61cm x 46cm x 46cm. 

This may include something like brochure mailings, book mailings & catalogue mailings.

If you are sending mailings that require a tube for mailing – it is quite straight forward.

The tube must be the length of the item. Plus twice the diameter must not exceed 104cm. Finally, the greatest dimension should be no more than 90cm.

If you send high volumes of parcels, a minimum of 1,000 parcels, up to 2kg we can offer discounts. The bigger the volume, the bigger the discount! Parcel mailing does not have to be expensive, with the care and attention to detail delivered by central mailing services we can make parcel mail a cheap mailing solution with our expert knowledge on all types of mailing solutions.

We offer professional services with quality at the heart of every mail campaign.

We provide a complete catalogue mailing service tailored to your needs and requirements, from our large print & mailing house facility in birmingham, west midlands.

Our service spans from the production of catalogues all the way through to polywrapping, enclosing and mailing.

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