Benefits of Direct Mail and Print in the UK

Unsure why you should choose Direct Mail and Print in the UK?

5th largest producer of printed products:

The 5th largest producer of printed products across the world title belongs to the UK. We can proudly say that the direct mail and print industry achieved £775m Positive trade balance in 2016 which is estimated to rise in 2017. This comes from over 8,400 companies with 116,000 employees in the UK according to The British Print. This is brilliant for the economy.

Direct mail and print are environmentally friendly:

The UK printing companies also ensure we are brilliant for the environment too. This is why we use sustainable forests from Europe. The production of the material is obviously a environment concern. Although, while it is assumed that making paper destroys forests, the opposite is true – forests grew by 44,000 square meters – that’s bigger than Switzerland! Paper is also the most recycled material and is the only material that can be completely recycled. So the printing process, that must be bad for the environment? It is constantly becoming more environmentally friendly, refining its materials and processes to reduce its impact. This is done through the use of vegetable based inks, recycling cleaning solvents and waste and offsetting any remaining carbon emissions. For more information read our environmental policy to see some structures which are in place. 

£13.8b turnover!

There should be no problem with affording all of the equipment for taking care of the environment with a staggering £13.8b turnover in the UK’s direct mail and print industry. And while all of this helps the environment, It also helps provide customers with the best possible prints which is a huge goal for all companies.

Endless direct mail and print possibilities:

To conclude this article, print is extremely flexible coming in any shape, size, colour and format. The possibilities are practically endless. Moreover, there are no restrictions to a few images or specific sizes. This makes print one of the easiest way to get your message across, get across quickly and always keep it in mind of the consumers.

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