Direct Mail Fulfilment: It’s Not What You Think

Here at Central Mailing Services Ltd, every job we process has to be fulfilled in one-way or another. Whether you want to mail an A4 Catalogue wrapped in polythene, or send a teabag in an envelope, we can do it all. Knowing Direct Mail campaigns will vary in size from 500 items to 100,000 items, we are able to work with you and your campaign, regardless of its complexity or size.

Despite popular belief, mail fulfilment actually covers more than just simply enclosing an A4 letter into an envelope. In fact, the demands for more complex mailings aimed at catching the eye of a recipient are on the rise. One great example of this was a job we carried out for Lego Star Wars who wanted to send out 60,000 lightsabers. Admittedly they weren’t actual lightsabers, they were cardboard tubes in which 2 limited edition A3 posters needed to be enclosed.

A further fulfilment mailing was for a global charity, the second largest of its kind. They wanted to send out a fundraising pack, ready for the start of Ramadan. The pack contained 12 items in total, ranging from heavy books to A5 postcards. In addition, we worked with the customer to design a fully bespoke C4 envelope that, rather unusually, featured a window on the back, and a full colour image on the front.

Book fulfilment and Poster fulfilment are not often associated with the work a mailing house carries out, but Central Mailing Services are in fact fully equipped to handle these types of jobs. In addition to this, the more common types of mail fulfilment services such as; letter, postcard, catalogue or brochure fulfilment are all carried out using our state of the art machines.

We currently have 4 mail fulfilment machines in total. Our two high-speed enclosing machines are capable of enclosing 6 items at once into C4, C5 or DL envelopes. In addition to these, we have two machines capable of enclosing up to 12 items at once into high quality polythene.

The installation of camera matching equipment on our envelope enclosing machines has given our customers the opportunity to maximise there mailing campaigns through the use of multi-document personalisation. One example of this was a brochure mailing we carried out for a premier league rugby team, looking to promote the sale of their 2014/15 season tickets. On the outside of the brochure, the recipients name was printed in a custom text, arched across the back of a chair, next to the tagline “Your seat is waiting”. Alongside the main brochure, a personalised letter and a custom A5 carrier sheet were enclosed into clear polythene.

If your looking for a trustworthy supplier to handle you mail fulfilment needs, we are here to help. Having carried out brochure fulfilment jobs for prestigious car companies, to postcard mailings for small business wanting to promote an upcoming sale, we’ve done it all. To find out what we can do for you, please call us on 0800 699 0501, or email and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

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