Direct Mail Generates Leads and Traffic to Your Website!

Direct Mail Works. It’s a well-known fact, and all the statistics prove that it is the best way to attract the attention of prospects. You can reach out to potential customers as well as existing clients that are in need of your products/services with a targeted marketing campaign.  By reaching out to a targeted group of prospects you can increase your closing ratios and improve your ROI.

In recent years, the increasing rise in technology usage has seen more Integration between Direct Mail and QR Codes. The QR Code (a bar code) is often placed in magazine ads, menus, flyers, brochures and more.

A Smartphone is then used to take a picture of it, directing them to your website.  This is the fastest and easiest way to integrate your physical and online marketing campaigns.  By providing an easy way for people to visit your website they can be directed to more information and your contact page.  You can also set up your site to track visit and use a retargeting marketing campaign to stay in front of customers long after they have left your website.

Here are ways to make your Direct Mail marketing campaign more successful:

Quality Leads.  Determine who your Target Market is.  Narrow it down as much as possible to ensure that you are only reaching prospects/current clients and businesses that can directly use your products and services.

QR Codes.  Make sure your Direct Mail pieces have a QR code on them for integration with your website.

Tracking Code.  A simple code can be used, such as “CMSWIN12” enabling you to track where your responses come from.

Graphics.  Design graphics that STAND OUT!  Don’t send out a Direct Mail piece with a tiny picture in the corner.  Capture people’s attention with graphic rich marketing material.

Personalization.  Use your leads list to personalize the message to each prospect. Use their name so that people know you took the time to learn about them in determining that they should receive a mailer from you. Simply using the right name can make a big difference in personalizing your Direct Mail marketing campaign.

Once you have identified your target customers determine how frequently you want to reach out to them.  This should be at least on a quarterly basis.  Your prospects may not need your services now but by sending out Direct Mail on a regular basis you increase your chances of reaching them exactly when they need you.

For further information in regards to your Direct Mail campaign, regardless of whether you are in the middle of planning, or are just having thoughts, get in touch with us at Central Mailing Services by calling 0800 699 0501 and we will be happy to help.

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