5 Reasons to Read Direct Mail Reviews

You wouldn’t buy a gift off of amazon without first checking the reviews thoroughly and comparing…

Why should using a mailing house be any different?

Reviews are a critical part of business. They show you who to trust, so it should be an immediate red flag if a business doesn’t have reviews available.

Here are five reasons it’s important to read reviews before selecting a mailing house:

  1. Quality Your mailings are a direct reflection of your business. You need to know they will be produced and delivered to the highest standards
  2. Delivery Accuracy It is important to know your mailings will be delivered on time, to the correct addresses with the correct contents
  3. Security It is essential to know that all of your data and confidential information will be handled securely and to regulatory standards
  4. Customer Service Being able to compare customer service levels helps avoid any nasty surprises further down the line
  5. Value Reviews are a great way to get an idea of the overall value a company provides and whether their services are worth investing in

Which reviews to trust?

When looking at reviews it’s equally important to know who and what to trust!
Remember to always ensure to:

  • Check for reliable sources and only refer to credible websites with qualified reviewers.
  • Check the total number of reviews of a business. The more reviews available the higher the likelihood that the reviews are an accurate representation of the business.
  • Keep an eye out for fake reviews. It is not uncommon for businesses to fake reviews. These false reviews are often staged by family, friends, business partners, or in extreme cases, paid sources.

Where to find reliable reviews

There are a variety of websites that provide reviews for different industries.

Some of the most commonly found review sites include Trustpilot, Google Reviews, Facebook, Yelp and Tripadvisor.

These review sites are compiled of thousands upon thousands of reviews and are a fantastic starting point for research.

They are reliable sites that regularly assess review listings and make a conscious effort to minimise the number of fake, or inaccurate reviews.

Take a minute

Ask yourself, is it really worth taking the risk on a business that doesn’t have any reviews?

Spending a little longer to make an educated decision about your mailing house will repay you tenfold in the long-run.

The benefit of securing a more reliable and efficient service more than makes up for the time invested in researching options before placing an order.

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