Direct mail statistics you should know 2017

Direct Mail Stats you should know!

Mail At Home:

The first thing people usually do as they wake up is make a fresh cup of coffee and read the mail! The average household receives 2 pieces of direct mail per day. With this in mind, it’s not that much when you compare it to the flood of emails you receive! Its also easier to refer back to than emails so direct mail is kept for an average of 17 days. Plus they come with some juicy content such as offers which don’t expire for a while! Because of this, 39% of UK homes have a dedicated area to display and store mail.

Direct mail is still kicking:

The investment into mail is growing every year! In 2014 alone, businesses invested more than £1.5bn into mail! Although, 14% of all advertising spend goes on direct mail anyway! Now a days, the return on investment on direct mail is impressive which means you can spend minimum money and still get a huge return. Along with this, a large proportion of the businesses come from charities spending a higher proportion on mail, £239m out of £394m to be exact.

Return on Investment:

With Return On Investment being so great with direct mail, for every £1 spent you get £3.22 back! Compare this to every £1 spent online where the ROI is £3.12. This said, be careful you are reaching the right people to ensure these results. UK companies currently waste £18m mailing people who are deceased or people who have moved address. If investments were made with clean updated data, even more ROI can be achieved!

Direct Mail Campaigns:

Direct mail campaigns can be very successful if done right. Be sure to contact the professionals if you need help making it just right for you! So, after the post man has done his rounds, 92% of mail is opened. If done right, 92% of the readers went online after reading it – 54% to engage with social media pages. In addition to this, a whopping 87% were influenced to make an online purchase. That’s only a few recievers who didn’t purchase anything! To boost this, try making it personal as 98% prefer this!

With this said, why not give direct mail a try! It may bring you brilliant business after all!

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