Direct Mail: The Novak Djokovic of Marketing

With Wimbledon well under way, many of you will be sat in front of the TV admiring the world’s best Tennis players battling it out in an attempt to prove they are the one to beat, and much like with the world of marketing, each and every individual has their own opinion on who/what is the best. This got us thinking, what would happen if we combined the world of marketing, with the world of tennis…?

With Novak Djokovic being recognised as possibly the “next best” Tennis Player on the planet, I think it’s suitable for him to represent Direct Mail. His wide range of abilities makes him a force to be reckoned with, much like DM. It might not get all the exposure and attention that the more glamorous or new technologies might have, however Direct Mail is the workhorse of your marketing campaign, and although not always flashy, it is reliable and efficient.

Let’s say Grigor Dimitrov is emerging technology. Fast, loud, bold and everybody is jumping on the bandwagon. He’s in the spotlight and loving it. However, there is a problem with embracing every Dimitrov that comes along… you can’t run fast with the same technology forever. It comes in short bursts, embracing the latest technology can lead to big rewards, but eventually it runs out of steam.

Next in the starting blocks is Rafael Nadal, he’s competing on behalf of Social Media and boasts an impressive 4.5 Million Twitter Followers. Social Media has great power and can go the distance making it a crucial part of any team, and when combined in with a strong Direct Mail Piece, the campaign only gets stronger. Adding a touch of flexibility to the team is Jo Wilfred Tsonga, representing SMS. All of these components are exciting, popular and fun to watch, but cannot be your entire marketing plan as a stand-alone.

That’s where Djokovic comes in – representing DM. Not always the most interesting part of a marketing strategy, but it is the one element that can do it all. He’s not shouting and demanding the spotlight, but quietly doing exactly what he is meant to do, to be reliable and to take all of the individual components (digital print, email, QR codes, social media, mobile) and showcase them as a successful campaign. We know that Direct Mail can take any number of marketing techniques and turn them into a winning marketing campaign!

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