Direct Mail – ‘The Most Trustworthy Medium’

UK Consumers trust Direct Mail more than any Digital Marketing channel, and most direct ones too, believing it is more authoritative, memorable and personal than E-Mail or Social Media, according to a new report.

The UK study, “From letterbox to inbox – building customer relationships 2013”, has been carried out for the DMA, and is likely to strengthen warnings that marketers ditch Direct Mail at their peril.
It also strengthens the case for Direct Mail Marketing & Digital Marketing working together in tandem. More consumers say they respond to a mail piece by going directly to a brand’s website to find out more than by using a search engine for the same purpose (44% compared to 34%).

Direct Mail, it seems also has a longer “shelf-life”, with 48% of UK consumers saying they occasionally keep an item of interest while 17% do so regularly.

FastMAP MD David Cole said: “Consumers are not as focused on deciding if they want to live in an online or offline world as the marketing industry might wish or perceive them to. They will use all channels at their disposal.

“Nearly half of British people stated that they could be driven online by an interesting piece of physical post, primarily to the brand’s website.

“People may be expecting offline communications from business to reduce.  But marketers beware, because they aren’t necessarily looking forward to it, with just under half saying a world without physical communications from businesses would be worse.

Direct Mail is here to stay and remains a relevant way of engaging with customers. There’s an excitement that comes with receiving post, which is a good opportunity for marketers!

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