3 Direct Mail Trends 2017


Direct mail continues to be a central piece of the conversation on print marketing, perhaps because so many believe it to be going out of trend. In fact, it’s actually the complete opposite.  Perhaps its the feel of holding a physical item that continues to keep direct mail alive. So take a look at these direct mail trends.


Though it might cost more, one way to surprise your customers via direct mail is to think outside the flat envelope shape. Use something a little more unique such as a box, bottle or tube. Not only does this form of direct mail have a higher response rate than normal mail, it is memorable and more likely to be opened than a traditional flyer or business envelope. Even adding colour or using a unique shaped envelope will increase open rates, so play about and get creative.

Our dedicated account managers will be able to help you in your direct mail journey with their extensive knowledge of custom envelopes. Need help with the design of your marketing material? Our graphic design department will be able to assist in making your marketing efforts as effective as possible both online and offline!


One way to personalise direct mail is to include personalised QR codes. When scanned with a smartphone, the QR code will take customers to a landing page on your website. Change the QR code depending upon your target audience and the type of mailing you are sending. You can even switch up the content on the page so the content each person receives is different each time they scan the code and browse your page. This makes it super easy for a customer to land on your website, rather than having to type in a URL or Facebook page too.


Variable data printing, often called personalised printing, offers customised, targeted form of marketing. This makes it an especially powerful and effective. Variable elements can include text, graphics, photos, colours and more. Having said this, variable printing direct mail is a great way to make your mail stand out from other mail your audience may be receiving. And with the recent rise in popularity, variable printing has become more affordable for many more businesses.

Using these direct mail trends as a guide as you craft you direct mail campaigns this year is sure to see find you success.
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