Direct Marketing, less is more

In a recent report released by the Direct Marketing Association, there was a very interesting statistic. It was revealed that there was an 11.8% drop in the amount of items posted through a letterbox.

This may seem like a disaster to anyone else, but in the world of Direct Marketing less can be more. The main reason for this drop is due to marketing departments switching to different forms of marketing, such as social media and email. While the reduction is understandable, it also represents an opportunity for the opportunist marketing manager.

The key advantage of this drop is that, companies dealing with Direct Mail are more likely to get noticed. Due to the reduced amount of mail shots such as; flyer’s, magazines, booklets, postcards and newsletters being sent, your mailing can shout louder.

In today’s evermore congested and diverse marketing world, there can be real world advantages to using a medium that has such a broad appeal, proven results, and is an uncongested channel to the end user
Another reason that the DMA sees the 11.8% drop as positive is that their research demonstrates that there are clear advantages to targeted and focused Direct Mail Campaigns. Even though volumes are declining, expenditure on the medium remains high, showing that marketers and consumers alike view direct mail as a valuable method of communication.”

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