Do Not Let Your Direct Mail Down

Why first impressions count.

That old idiom, “don’t judge a book by its cover” does it have any real meaning in today’s world???

As a society we are more image driven than ever before, let us not kid ourselves, we all judge based upon first impressions. The look, the underlying statement, the feeling, that an object or person makes upon first acquaintance, it all forms critical data in our minds.

Do we take a step back from snap judgment and delve deeper, or do we file our response simply based upon past assumptions and memories?

Have we not all crossed a street or avoided eye contact when we see some one that triggers a pre conceived response?

I found myself judging a set of saucepans, not on their technical ability, or quality and finish, no; it was simply based upon the packaging. One had made the great effort to shout loudly to my quick shopper mentality with its list of USPs. The other, simply plainly wrapped with a logo and price, was meek and disinteresting by comparison

So much effort is made in carefully forming a complete and Marketing driven ideal first impression for so many products. Why is this not the case with Direct Mail?

How many campaigns have been sent with little or no regard to the first impression? It simply does not make sense to enclose a stunning, well planned and executed mail piece in a plain envelope.
At best, it does little to excite or inspire a potential prospect, at worst; your mail piece could be binned or filed as a bill or statement, ready for the end of month banking.

No good to you if you have an urgent offer or event to showcase. Without that key first impression, your mailing has been ignored and an opportunity has been missed.

It is not all about fancy artwork on envelopes, we humans are a tactile bunch. A soft feel, high quality envelope, perhaps in a bright colour, will register with our senses and standout. Remember unlike emails and adverts, your mail piece is a tangible item, you touch it, you hold you interact with it, play to that unique aspect, and make the most of it.

Die cut a postcard, mix up the finishes and sizes; there is a world of variation that you can employ to make your mail piece stand out
Yes the elephant in the room is cost and it is a valid concern, however it should be placed in the context of your return on investment and your brand.

Is it not better to invest in every area of your mailing, to maximize your response? We are surrounded by all forms of advertising, striving to grab our attention. Why compromise your Direct Mail by faltering at the last hurdle?

Even a simple branded envelope can lift a mailing. This could be your first ever contact with this prospect. Make sure that your first impression is the right impression.

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