Does Your Direct Mail Need a Touch-Up?

Direct Mail remains an integral part of any successful Direct Marketing scheme. As with all elements of marketing, you cannot afford to stand still. Some companies have seen response rates fall from the historic highs of the 1980s. With budgets and timelines tighter than ever, the question remains, “What to do?” If timing doesn’t allow for a complete overhaul, or if you think the structure of your package is still strong and you just need a “tinker,” you should consider some changes in an effort to improve your mailing.

Remember, you only have one chance to make a first impression, and that happens as soon as your mail piece hits the mat. Based on this, you should take a careful look at your carrier sheet/outer envelope, is it engaging? Is the overall design eye-catching? Would you want to open the envelope/polythene? Show the mailer to a friend, what do they think? All of the answers will provide you with ideas on how to improve your mail piece… Its not rocket science. Remember to use the appropriate colours i.e. Warm colours provoke the recipient to take action, so use it to promote special offers. Whereas cool colours provoke the recipient to relax, so use them around large blocks of text so the reader doesn’t feel the need to rush through it.

Sometimes letters get re-written by a too many people and the main subject is avoided. Make sure you avoid including irrelevant pieces of information, cut away whatever detracts from the emotional core of the package. You must also make sure all facts are as up-to-date as possible.  Nothing causes a yawn like a “fact” from 1997.

Size and Shape
A large chunky package will always get more attention than a flimsy one. Just remember the excitement at Christmas upon seeing the large present under the tree… the same principle applies in the world of Direct Mail. Once your mail piece drops though the door amongst the others, the “big guy” will always come out on top, note: 49% of adults are more likely to open a direct mail piece if they are intrigued by the package size (British Market Research Bureau, 2010). Not only is the size of your direct mail important, the shape can create an equal amount of interest. An “oddly” shaped mail piece will often stand out when mixed in with the traditional rectangular shaped envelopes when dropped through your letterbox.

The best way to guarantee a successful marketing campaign is to ensure a consistent theme throughout all your marketing methods. If you direct mail piece consists of bright red colours and large fonts, the accompanying email shot, social media updates, flyers and posters should all include the same designs. If you’ve had success with one type of design it makes sense to incorporate it into all of your marketing ideas. Based on this, you should take a closer look at the potential causes for any declines in response rates, and if you find yourself in need of a little Direct Mail, “plastic surgery”, don’t be afraid to give it a go.

With the growing demand for online interaction, why not incorporate new technology with your Direct Mail Piece. Placing a QR code onto you mail piece will allow the users of a Smartphone to scan the code, leading them directly to your website. A quick and simple way to drive more traffic to your website with the help of direct mail.

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