Domino K150 Printer

Over the past 5 years, the world of printing has advanced dramatically, and the demand for printed personalisation is at an all time high. Companies are realising that a Personalised Direct Mail Piece is one of the best ways to attract new customers. At Central Mailing Services we recognise this demand, and with the investment in a Domino K150 Printer, we can fulfil their requirements. Providing us with the capability to print names, addresses, barcodes, logos, QR Codes and graphics, directly onto a range of coated and uncoated services, for example, glossy brochures, postcards, thick catalogues and letters. The

Domino’s Ink jet system can print directly onto any surface. Not only will the Domino improve quality, it will save our customer’s time as well as money.

Our new Printer is capable of running at speeds of 15,000 mail pieces an hour, providing a fast, efficient and high quality print process. The automated firing of the UV light dries the ink instantly. This eliminates smudging and water damage ensuring the printed information remains untouched. In fact, statistics prove that 49% of adults will open a Direct Mail Piece if they are impressed with the quality.
Our ability to provide you with a super fast, cost effective, high quality print solution is a guaranteed way of ensuring that you’re Mail Piece stands head and shoulders above the rest.

See it in action here!


  • The ability to print on all substrates
  • Best performance for direct mail markets
  • 24/7 operation, maximising uptime
  • Quick and easy setup on job changes
  • Ability to print onto all Mail Pieces
  • UV Light – dries the ink instantly, leaving no smudge marks
  • 15,000 Mail Pieces an hour

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