Don’t let direct mail go on holiday

There have been rumours that a warm front is coming; maybe we are going to get a proper summer after all!

Traditionally now has been a quiet time of year for Direct Mail; but is now not a perfect time for a campaign?

Consider that the overall trend from predictions and stats are that a high number of people will be staying in the UK this year. The statisticians have forecast great numbers to be watching all the summer events, so this is a great opportunity to use direct mail and reach out to a captive audience.

The impact and return of a mailing campaign could be so much higher than normal if you take advantage of the late summer weather, the uncluttered letterboxes and the feelgood factor that we hope the Olympics will bring. Factor in the already high return Direct Mail provides, and the fact that you’re likely to find more receptive people now than ever before, it all suggests that far from going on holiday or taking a break, your direct mail should be working harder for you now than ever before.

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