Email and SMS Campaigns

We’re not just a mailing house…

We also offer Email and SMS Campaigns

While we are a dedicated mailing house, we offer the utmost support for Email and SMS campaigns.

Email Campaigns:

122 Billion e-mails are sent every hour across the world. However, you cant deny it has become an important form of communication. Not just in our Business lives but our Personal lives too. This is why it is important to us that our clients get the most out of their email campaign. Whether these may be follow-up campaigns or something else entirely, we can bend and shape your mailing until you think it’s perfect.

For our existing Direct Mail customers we offer Email Broadcasts as a ‘bolt-on’ service. In light of this, we can create a template or work with an existing template. We can also use client supplied e-mail addresses and we can broadcast single or multiple staged campaigns. After the campaign has been sent, we provide you full reporting following the broadcast. This is to show how many e-mails were delivered, opened, read, deleted, marked as Junk etc.

SMS Campaigns:

If you have accurate opt-in mobile phone numbers for your client or prospect database, SMS campaigns are a good form of communication to reach a large audience. We can format basic text to create an SMS timed broadcast. Additionally, these can appear as being sent from a unique number, mobile phone number or even a company name.

Similar to the email campaign, we offer SMS Marketing as a ‘bolt-on’ service to our Direct Mail customers. However, SMS Marketing can be used to compliment your Direct Mail campaign to prompt the end customer to look out for their mail piece or reminding them of the message or offer contained within the mail piece. In light of this, SMS is often used as a vessel to drive engagement and help Marketers build up their database.

With this in mind, why not give it a go alongside a direct mail campaign?

Or Alternatively, you can call 0800 699 0501 for any enquiries.

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