Even Facebook is Sending Out Direct Mail

That’s right, the worlds biggest Social Media website is sending out invitations, via Direct Mail, in order to promote its next big media event.

As many of you will know, Facebook is no stranger to media events and seems to hold one every two months – Prior to each event, guests are normally bombarded with emails & private messages containing details about what to expect. However, the decision to use Direct Mail seems to suggest that email isn’t producing the results Facebook wants to see, and if Facebook can’t get online messaging to work, who the hell can…

There may be many reasons for this change, one of them being that Facebook is possibly beginning to see a rise in people ignoring marketing emails; the reason being that they see and receive so many of them. It may also be down to the fact that a growing number of computer users fear getting viruses, meaning they trash emails and shy away from responding to Internet advertising.

Regardless of why Facebook has decided to choose Direct Mail over E-Mail, the foreseeable aftermath will provide Facebook with a much more respectable image in the eyes of its users, as opposed to the somewhat corporate image it has now.

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