Fathers Day

DADvertising for Fathers day with Direct Mail!

A big day coming up! Fathers Day! A day to celebrate! Also a brilliant day to advertise and get in a few extra customers!

With this said, how many ads have you seen so far?

It’s mainly retail and catering that goes big on fathers day, however, get creative. If you are a business to consumer company, you can definitely promote Fathers Day. Many people struggle to buy gifts around fathers day. In fact, 20% of shoppers say they aren’t sure what to get for Father’s Day. This is why it is a brilliant time to get your ads out and suggest some ideas! I’m sure the fathers would prefer something other than the other pair of socks.

When it comes to advertising for your campaigns, it is important to remember who the audience is though! You will be advertising to the partner of the father and sons and daughters. In this case, you may have to change your language. For example, if you usually talk about a golf club to over 45’s, you may want to consider tailoring it to the sons/daughters. Using bright colour and big text will also help you stand out from the noise. In addition to this, studies have found people are more likely to participate in something which has a fathers day deal on too so why not think about an offer? This might be similar to a restaurant giving fathers a free pudding or 30% off etc.

Alternatively, you can keep it short and simple yet effective!

Take a look at these examples:


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