The General Election 2017

General Election 2017

The General Election 2017 is now brewing over the UK after Theresa May called a snap election. In hope to increase her votes for Brexit, they were only left with 316 seats and to win, a party must secure 326 out of 650. The conservatives will not exceed this. However, Labour will also not exceed this with Jeremy Corbyn holding 261 seats. This has left the UK in a hung parliament.

So what next?

In this case, the leader of the party with the majority seats is given the opportunity to form a government. Either a coalition with other parties which means coalition partners share ministerial jobs or alternatively, the more informal arrangement. This is known as “confidence and supply” which means smaller parties agree to support the main legislation but do formally take part in government. The result ended with Theresa May asking her Majesty the Queen to form a government with DUP as support which her Majesty agreed. Because of this, Brexit will continue as normal.

How will this affect the print industry?

Brexit will be a “hard Brexit/clean Brexit” as its called. This means the UK will leave the EU and the single market entirely and then have a relationship based – at least initially – on World Trade Organisation rules.
However, Brexit will come with some side effects that may affect the print industry. The effects of leaving the EU will take a long time to fully come into effect but for some leaving the EU Can expect to bring more opportunities for a wider audience too. After all, there is a huge range of fresh audiences to choose from. 

What should we expect next?

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Fun Fact: David Cameron spent over £9m on booklets to be sent out to every house. That’s a lot of direct mail!

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