Golden Postboxes to Remain!

In honor of our Olympic athletes, it was decided that 110 golden post-boxes are to remain on a permanent basis.

The royal mail has announced that each post-box will have a commemorative plaque fitted to each one, displaying the name of whom the post-box represents. This is the first time that the traditional red post-box has changed colors in order to mark a significant sporting event.

The ‘cherished landmarks’ can be found in each hometown of the Olympic and Paralympic athletes’ that won gold. As well as this, the commemorative stamps produced for the 2012 games, will also be available for purchase until the end of the year.

Post-box Facts

  • There are around 115,000 post-boxes in the UK
  • Many of the UK’s first post-boxes were painted green, to blend in with the landscape
  • The colour was changed in 1874 to bright red to make the boxes more visible
  • Post-boxes used for overseas mail were changed from red to blue in the 1930s
  • The bases of some post-boxes were also changed from black to white during WW2 to help them stand out in the blackout


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