Halloween Horror Stories – Direct Mail

Direct Mail Horror Stories

This Halloween we thought we’d get into the spirit of things and talk about something truly terrifying; what happens when things go wrong with direct mail?!
We’ve compiled a list of our favourite direct mail horror stories. These are tales told to us by colleagues, customers and friends in the industry (and are in no way related to CMS operations!!).
Some are funny, some alarming, but all are worth the read:

#1.  Recycling nightmare

One time, a mailing house moved location during a job without informing the client. As a result, the customers print stock was delivered to the wrong site where it was then recycled by accident! Whoops.

#2. Going bust

After going out of business, one mail service provider held onto the client’s print stock. The client was then forced to buy it back from unpaid suppliers!

#3. Rained out

An entire stock order was once destroyed by sprinklers… the cause? Staff smoking inside the building.

#4. Better late than never?

After failing to pay bills and being cut off from postal suppliers, one mailing house was forced to hold onto mail orders indefinitely, eventually delivering far beyond the expected deadline.

#5. Shocking developments

After suffering repeated power cuts, one mailing supplier was forced to send out a mail order a week late. The kicker? They never told the client.

Do you have any horror stories of your own? Get involved and tweet us the worst situations you’ve experienced.

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Happy Halloween!

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