How to win at direct mail marketing!

There are a lot of contributing factors to a successful direct mail campaign

1.) Colour
2.) Texture
3.) Great Sales Copy
(we suggest taking a look at Apple’s sales copy which is usually three to four word sentence statements – for example the apple watch campaign)
To wear it  – 3 words
is to love it. – 4 words

4.) Having or creating emotional connection with your audience is HUGE. 

High quality data of your clients for mail merging is crucial! Not only will this make a memorable direct marketing campaign for the end client by creating personalised and targeted direct mail campaigns.

Making the effort to engage with end clients will make it more special than your average mail shot.

Below is a great example of direct mail marketing:

Every time you think of A kit-kat, you think of there sales copy – 

Have a break – 3 words
Have a kit kat. – 4 words

Coincidence that strong sales copies are in this format? No.

The confectionery brand Kit Kat engaged with british residents for there Kit Kat Chunky Mail release campaign, which launched in Britain in 2011.

The design of the kit-kat campaign striked alot of similarities to our beloved Royal Mail ‘missed delivery’ notes put through letterboxes. Kit Kat’s direct mail is a simple red card naming the end client and even echoing the tick a category box (i.e. packet) of the royal mail notes.

As the end client continues to read the card,  only to discover that the item is ‘too chunky for your letterbox’.  

Too Chun-ky – 3 syllables
for your letter-box. – 4 syllables

A strong, bold call to action/sales copy iniative is then followed by an image of the product (in this case a kit kat chunky) and encourages the end client to collect their free chocolate bar from a specific location.

This is no different to digital marketing –
New product/content > Client Data/mailing list > subscription/advertisement > Funnel > Visit Place/Sign up/link through > collect marketing data.

Have a look at the design similarities between the direct mail marketing of kit-kat against the royal mail note left for British citizens.

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