Integrate Direct Mail and Social Media for Maximum Impact

As we continue to see an increase of people using Social Media sites such as, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ Etc, many marketeers want to know the best practices and strategies for cross-promoting a product or service via integrating Direct Mail and Social Media. Current statistics show that Social Network users are already frequent responders to Direct Mail, with 8.3million of them responding to Mail they’ve received in the last 12 months, and with this increasing rise, more and more marketeers are keen to learn more.

Current figures suggest that there are over 1 billion active Facebook users, 343 million active users on Google+, 200 million LinkedIn users, and 200 million active Twitter users. Based on this, it is more than likely that your customers are active on at least one social media site.  (Digital Marketing Ramblings).

A recent study conducted by IBM found that 82% of CMO’s are planning on increasing their use of Social Media over the next 3-5 years.  As more marketeers are becoming savvy with social media marketing, the messaging highway is fast becoming a massive information traffic jam. Yet, with all of these people online, more and more consumers report that they prefer to receive information via Direct Mail.

When you combine Direct Mail marketing and Social Media, your response rates increase dramatically. When you consider the fact that nearly half of all social media users have done something as a result of Direct Mail they’ve received, there should be no doubt in your decision to combine the two.

The first step you need to take to begin this beneficial partnership is to take inventory of your customer data.

Here are 4 easy ways to gather the information you need:

  1. When asking a customer or prospect for their mailing address, ask for their Twitter name too. Send out a personal tweet or direct message to build the business-consumer relationship while gathering insight into that customer and your audience in general.
  2. Keep track of social media interactions with your customers in your CRM. This data will enable you to segment your content depending on what their needs are and where they will see value in communications from your business.
  3. When sending out Direct Mail, include your companies Social Media information and tease customers with any current social media promotions your business has going on. By measuring the results of each campaign, you can see what types of direct mail promotions or marketing channels different audiences respond to.
  4. Create a “code” for your campaign. A simple phrase can be used, such as “CMSWIN12” enabling you to track where your responses come from. A unique code for each medium allows you to spot trends in your campaign, informing you on what works and what doesn’t.

How to integrate Direct Mail and Social Media to drive greater response
• Host a contest that is cross-promoted on all of your Social Media profiles. Announce the contest to those on your mailing list with a postcard.

• Send a Direct Mail piece that announces a deal only available to those who “like” you on Facebook. Be sure to keep track of who engages with you during the time of the campaign. Those who “like” you can print the coupon or use the coupon code you provided. Make it an offer that can be shared.

• Add a QR code to your Direct Mail piece that takes the viewer immediately to a landing page offer.

As you will see, the statistics clearly suggest that your next marketing campaign should include the combined strengths of Direct Mail and Social Media. Knowing that an integrated campaign can potentially reach out to all of your prospects should leave no further questions.

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