Direct Mail Jargon Buster

There are a lot of complicated words used in our industry, so we’re going to make a few of the more technical ones a bit more clear.

BRE = Business Reply Envelope, a return envelope enclosed in a mailing
Gummed mailing wallet = A particular type of envelope that can be processed by machine
Gusset Envelope = An envelope with sides that can be expanded to accommodate larger mailings
Manila envelope = Made from fully recycled stock, a large and strong envelope, typically beige in colour
Oversized= A larger than normal envelope for machine enclosing
Glue Dot = A sticky pad to hold items together
Super Disc = A clear circular sticker to hold closed a mail piece
Carrier Sheet = The sheet which contains the address, typically used in polythene mailings
Enclosing = The insertion of items into a mailing
Fulfilment = The entire process of getting a mail piece ready for mailing.
Overprinted = On to full colour print onto for example the front of an envelope
Polythene = Clear wrap which can be used to contain a mailing
QR Code = A barcode which can be scanned by Smartphone users to provide quick access to a website
Simplex = Single sided
Duplex = Both sides
Laser Print = A method of printing to paper commonly used for letter printing
Inkjet Print = A method of printing to paper commonly used for envelope addressing
Mono = Black
To face = To the front of an envelope
RA = Return Address
NW = Non-window envelope
Insert = Any item placed into a mailing
Litho = A method of printing using metal plates, typically used for large runs
Digital Print = A print process for smaller personalised print runs
Die Cut = Specifically designed and cut mail pieces
Label = Placed onto a mailing, this can contain a delivery address
PPi = Printed Postage Impression, the alternative to postage stamps or franking for large quantity mailings
Weight Break = The divisions between weight categories for postage
Macro = A program to identify and sort data
De Dupe = The process by which multiple entries on mailing lists are removed
Data Cleanse = The removal of incorrect incomplete or non mailable entries on mailing lists
Gone aways = Mail that can’t be delivered to the recipient changing address
Seed = An address inserted into a mailing to test delivery success
Concertina fold = An item that is continuously folded in a zig-zag shape when viewed top-down
Gate Fold = An item folded in a way that opens out from the centre
Packet = Anything larger in size or weight than a large letter
PP = Printed pages
Letterhead = The top of a letter
Mail Merge = The process of creating personalised address labels and letters from a document.
Uncoated = A way to leave an area of print on a postcard with out a coating to allow inkjet printing
Stamp Rate = The price of a mailing when using stamps
Perf = Perforated section on a letter or flyer
Magalogs = A combination of magazine and catalogue, typically a short promotional mailing
DM = Direct Mail
Salutation = Often overlooked, the vital greeting used on a letter
Paper GSM = The different weights of paper

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