Mail delivery around the world

Ever wondered how mail is delivered around the world?

Mail delivery is different all around the world. From on foot, to drones, this article will explain how mail is delivered all around the world.

Mail Delivery In Asia

Last year, the postal service in Singapore successfully trialled delivery by drone. This delivery method could be particularly useful in delivering mail in remote areas or destinations with challenging terrain. Along with this trial, an app is being developed to allow customers the choice of drone delivery. Next time you send some mail to Singapore, you never know, drone delivery could be up and running.

Mail Delivery In Africa

In South Africa, most houses don’t have the facility to accept mail. Letter boxes or mail boxes are not commonplace. Most people who require mail delivery pay for a PO box address.  Unfortunately this needs to be applied for and can have a long waiting list.

The South African Post Office, which is the primary mail carrier in the country, will deliver to the mail box ready for the recipient to collect. With the majority of banking taking place electronically in this area, mail is less frequent and generally makes up a smaller part of life.

Mail Delivery In North America

The United States Postal Service is the largest postal system in the world, delivering 40% of total global mail. It is the third largest civilian employer in the US. I operates one of the largest civilian vehicle fleets in the world. Zip codes are used for accurate delivery, so as long as your letter is correctly addressed US delivery should be very reliable.

Mail Delivery In South America

Delivery in South America has not always been deemed as very dependable. 25% of mail does not reach its destination due to unreliable addressing and signs in some South American countries,. In fact, some countries have only been implementing post codes in the last few years. In this case, it is to help consistency of mail delivery. This change should help the system to become more trustworthy if it is embraced by the public.

Mail Delivery In Antarctica

Working for the Post Office in Antarctica can be challenging. It requires employees to carry heavy boxes over treacherous rocks and snow, and even dodging penguins! However, staff at the ‘Penguin Post Office’ also monitor the effects of visitors on the environment and wildlife at Port Lockroy, Goudier Island.

Mail Delivery In Europe

The UK postal service is familiar to us, using post codes to achieve fast and efficient delivery of letters and parcels. The Royal Mail dates back to 1518, under the reign of Henry VIII.

Other European countries operate their own postal systems, such as the French Bureaux de Postewhich boasts being the most concentrated postal network in Europe. La Poste in France has also tested drone mail delivery.

European postal delivery on the whole is reliable. Over 97% of intra-EU mail arriving at its destination within 5 days.

Mail Delivery In Australia

Australia Post has recently come under fire due to changes in their delivery schedule. Regular post now takes up to 6 working days to reach its destination. The service is reportedly struggling, and has made the changes to improve sustainability. However, delivery is reliable with 94.5% of domestic letters delivered on time or early.

Next time you mail a letter overseas you know a little more about what to expect. But don’t forget to address it as accurately as possible and have paid the appropriate rates to get it there!

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