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When curiosity gets the best of us, we want to touch, feel and interact with what we see.

Our senses help us better explore objects and fulfil our need to understand what things are made of.

The 5 Sense of Direct Mail

o The use of scented varnishes (lemon, coffee & chocolate are just some of the choices) can increase response rate significantly.

o You can reinforce your brand by using bold colours and design that draw attention to the mail piece.

o For anyone that has received a greeting card with the sound chip built-in, there is no denying that this grabs your attention.

o Direct Mail pieces with the inclusion of product samples is just one way for a recipient to taste the product.

o Embossing, die-cuts, dimensional mailers all scream, “feel me” to the recipient.

Our fingers get excited when they feel something different than just ink on paper. From different coatings to unique ink special effects, special objects and games, exploiting the physical aspects of Direct Mail is one more way to get your audience to remember you.

Coatings come in all different varieties such as press coated, UV coated, flocked, velvety, sandy or even Phosphorescent; see below:

Types of Coating

Press Coating
o An aqueous, fast drying flood, press coating makes Direct Mail more resistant to scratching. Unlike some coatings, it does not yellow over time

Soft Touch
o This is super sleek and is perfect for Direct Mail inserts and folded self-mailers.

Sand Paper
o Give your recipients something rough to the touch by mixing grainy particles into the coating

o This is a fun one. Fuzzy like a peach, this coating comes from natural or synthetic particles applied to an adhesive surface

o You don’t see this one too often. The coating absorbs daylight and glows in the dark.

Digital or Litho – What is best for you?

In a nutshell litho printing uses wet ink and printing plates whilst digital printing uses toners on a press similar to a giant office printer! Digital printing is more suitable for shorter runs and litho printing for longer runs.
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