Marketeers To Increase Direct Mail Spending in 2013

With the formidable rise in the use of E-mail Marketing, Social Media and other Digital channels, it has long been assumed that Direct Mail would fall by the wayside.

However, there is still more than enough room for Direct Mail in any marketing mix and this is reinforced by recent statistics in the Target Marketing magazine.

The publication states that 28% of marketers will increase their spending on Direct Mail throughout the next 12 months.

This rise isn’t surprising when you consider that:

· 75% of customers like receiving Direct Mail.
· 9 out of 10 people open Direct Mail.
· Direct Mail response rates stand at 3.42%.
· 17.7m people ordered after receiving a Mail order Catalogue in the past 12 month.
· 34% of businesses to consumer marketers consider Direct Mail to provide the best Return on Investment.

Marketing manager at LogMyCalls McKay Allen, writing in Business2Community, said companies that plan on increasing their Direct Mail, need to ensure they posses high quality data in order to improve the efficiency of the method.

“Simply provide call tracking number for each mailing you produce will increase revenue, retain clients longer and provide you with better customer satisfaction,” he continued.

Green Square Partners Tony Walford recently wrote in The Drum, claiming that Direct Mail can be the precursor to mobile and digital campaigns. So, if you’re planning on increasing the rate of your

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