Our Top Five Mail Pieces – July

1)      We recently put an article on our website discussing how simple marketing methods are effective and send a clear and direct message to clients. A mailing from a university demonstrates this perfectly. They have used an oversized mail piece, which is folded and sealed with glue dot enabling a smart and subtle finish. On the outside of the mail piece, is a bright blue background, which is eye-catching. You are also immediately drawn to the clear and simple message relating to Facebook encouraging them to ‘like’ their page. This is targeting the university audience well as they are able to relate to this without an overload of text. On the opposite side is a bright white background with the universities website address, the address of the student and the universities personal post impression. – This side is very basic but nothing else is needed ensuring the reader can go straight to the interesting information inside. Once open, the mail piece looks like an ipad and all the information looks as though it’s on the screen. This very creative and relevant to a university student.

2)      Our second mailing, which is another Central Mailing Services favourite for this month, is an eye-catching show mailing. Although it’s simple, there’s a strong image of the play, which dominates one side of the A5 postcard. On the opposite side is a printed letter against a royal green background. We don’t do many mailings in this colour but the white font against the coloured background allows for a clear but colourful postcard, which gives the client information on the up and coming event. The company also have a unique branded postage impression, which adds to the companies branding.

3)      Our third mail piece is a non-windowed C5 envelope mail shot. Inside contains three enclosed items, all three are folded A4 pieces. Each item is different and all draw attention using a variety of colours, fonts and sizes – this is a marketing tool which is often used and works well. They individually offer different information and services that the business provides in a way in which the client can read without an overload of text. The most eye-catching aspect of this mail shot is the envelope – it’s bright orange. This is a highly distinctive colour and really stands out in the mail.

4)      This mail piece demonstrates how direct mail has developed. This DVD mailing is an unusual one but is a fantastic way of marketing West Bromwich Albion. It also gives the season ticket holders and fans extra rewards. The DVD is wrapped in clear polythene ensuring the West Brom crest and famous blue and white colours to be visible. This is then recognisable immediately when the DVD greets the customers through their letterbox. This mail piece looks very smart and is a perfect example of how a carefully designed and put together DVD mailing can and will reap rewards when it’s clear it’s been sent and delivered with pride

5)      Our final favourite mail piece of the month is a charity mailing. The whole mailing is relatively simple, this ensures the information and content is a read first and is a priority. This mailing had to be done by hand as the customer incidentally supplied us with pocket envelopes. However despite this, we were still able to meet their expectations and objectives and get the job done to high standard. Inside were five different inserts – these included; an upcoming charity event they wanted to plug, a donation bag for their supporters, a newsletter, a letter and a monthly donation form, this also comes with a return envelope.

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