Our Top Five Mail Pieces – October

1)  This month, we begin with a catalogue mailing, wrapped in Polythene. Enclosed within this is a carrier sheet containing a Personalised PPI in the top right hand corner. Also printed onto the carrier sheet is an offer for the customer to receive 10% off their next order with the company. The catalogue itself contains 900 high quality, colour coded pages. Printed on the back of the catalogue is a sustainable product stamp indicating that the catalogue has been created from 100% environmentally friendly materials.

2)  Our Second Mailshot is an A5 leaflet, printed on 400gsm card. The front of the leaflet consists of a bright orange background with the name of a musical printed in large front, and positioned in the centre. On the reverse of the A5 leaflet is a large white area in which we have printed the PPI along with the delivery address. Above this section we have the same bright orange background that appears on the front of the leaflet, along with the Actors featuring in the production.

3)  Third in our mailing list is an exclusive box, coated with a matte black finish. On the front, we have placed a black label, printed with white text. On the reverse is an interlocking seal in keeping with the exclusive theme. Upon opening the box you are presented with a hot pink inner coating. Enclosed within the box is an invitation to a once in a lifetime event, customized with the recipient’s name. Also contained within, is a similar matte black brochure, containing high quality litho pages, featuring artistic images of top of the range cars.

4)  Our Fourth mailing is an A5 leaflet designed to look like a brown corrugated cardboard box. On the reverse of the leaflet, is a delivery label we have provided and placed on, to make it look like a parcel delivery. Above this is a Personalised PPI, containing their logo, and made to blend in with the background. On the front of the leaflet, is a large eye-catching stencil, with the words “WE’VE MOVED!”  filling over half of the print.

5)  As we lead up to Christmas, we have begun to send out our first batches of Christmas Mailings. Therefore it is appropriate that we should mention this Polly-Wrapped mailing, containing an A5 Catalogue and customized carrier sheet. On the front of the Catalogue we are presented with a large cartoon image of Father Christmas, along with his helpers. Also featured on the front of the catalogue is the company’s logo. Similarly, with the carrier sheet, we are shown the same image as on the front of the catalogue. Next to this is a Quick Response Code (QR Code), enabling the recipient to scan it with their phone, and be taken to their website. We are also presented with links to their social media pages in one corner, and in the opposite corner is the Personalised PPI, containing their logo.

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